Sunday, November 13, 2011

Is this really my life?

I wrote this the other day, just getting around to posting it.

Yesterday I was sleepy the whole day but I didn't feel the lack of stamina sort of fatigue. I took it easy the whole day anyway, just to be safe. A bit before bedtime, the baby was climbing up on my chair and on me so I played with her bit (without even getting out of the chair) and it tired me out so much I thought I was going to pass out. Shortly after that I had to eat something so I could swallow my handful of pills that is my evening dose. I had to take them with sprite cuz I have been so nauseous this week. Standing there swallowing pills, still tired from doing nothing and in so much pain that I had limped to the kitchen, I thought "is this really my life?". Will it really always be like this?