Thursday, February 12, 2009

something borrowed

that is my first tattoo - it is on my right breast. so why am i posting it as my "something borrowed" contribution? well, i had always wanted a tattoo, but never had the guts to get one. when i met wifey, she had 3 (she has 5 now). she offered to take me to her tattoo artist and sit with me while i got it done. so we went, i looked at the art on the walls, and i fell in love with this butterfly. once i made my decision, i called the wife over and said "this one." she asked me if i was sure at least 3 times (no exaggeration). i finally got frustrated and asked why she kept asking that. to which she lowers the neckline of her shirt a little on the left and shows me that exact tattoo. no wonder i liked it... i'd seen it so many times. Photobucket still, i was in love with it. i had seen another butterfly tattoo with a star on the wing which i liked, but i liked this butterfly better, so i decided i would have them add the star to this one to make it a little more personal (since stars and butterflies mean something to me). so i might have changed it a little, and it might have been totally on acciedent, but the design was still borrowed from the wife.

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  1. Damn this firewall! Can't see the pic... But that's cute how you picked the same one and didn't realize why. LOL